Ashland Regional Memorial Center

Services provided by ASHLAND REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER: Beds – Total (Total number of beds in a facility,including those in non-Participating or non-licensed areas): 79 Beds – Total certified (Number of beds in Medicare and/or Medicaid certified areas within a facility): 70 Physicians (The number of full-time equivalent physicians employed by a provider): 1.50 Change of ownership counter (The number of times a change of ownership (chow) has taken place for a particular provider): 3 Change of ownership date (Effective date of a change of ownership): Aug 2001 Accreditation effective date (The effective date of the current period of accreditation by the joint commission on accreditation of health care organizations (jcaho) or the american osteopathic association (aoa)): Apr 1999 Accreditation expiration date (The expiration date of the current period of accreditation by the joint committee on accreditation of health care organizations (jcaho) or the american osteopathic
association (aoa)): Apr 2002 Accreditation indicator (Indicates the organization that is responsible for the accreditation of the provider): JCAHO Certified rn anesthetists (Number of full-time equivalent certified registered nurse anesthetists (crna) employed by a hospital): 1.50 Clia – Hosp lab id #1 (Number assigned to a hospital laboratory licensed in accordance with the clinical laboratory improvement act (clia)): 39D0189609 Current survey ever accredited (Indicates if this provider was an accredited hospital anytime during the current survey): Yes Current survey ever non-Accred (Indicates if this provider was a non-Accredited hospital anytine during the current survey): No Current survey ever swingbed (Indicates if this provider was a swingbed hospital anytime during the current survey): No Date of validation survey (Date a validation survey is performed by the state agency in a jcah or aoa accredited hospital): May 1999 Dieticians (Number of full-time equivalent dieticians employed by a facili
ty): 1.50 Licensed pract/vocat nurses (Number of full-time equivalent licensed practical or vocational nurses employed by a facility): 28 Medical school affiliation (The type of affiliation that a hospital may have with a medical school): NO AFFILIATION Other personnel (The number of full-time equivalent other salaried personnel employed by a facility): 196.50 Participating code (y,n) (This code indicates whether a provider is participating in the Medicaid or Medicare program): Yes Physician assistants (The number of full-time equivalent physician assistants employed by a hospital or rural health clinic): 4 Program participation (Indicates if the provider participates in Medicare,Medicaid,or both programs): MEDICARE AND MEDICAID Regional override #2 (staffing) (This field is set to \”y\”” when the regional office has to ok a pending record in the special fields screen. this field only applies to categories in the odie data entry system): Yes Registered nurses (The number of full-time equivalent regi

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