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Learn the Basics
Besides caring for themselves, caregivers can benefit from taking advantage of some key resources available to them. It’s helpful to become well informed in various aspects of caregiving. None of us had Caregiving 101 in high school, so who knows how to be a family caregiver? No one. It requires the ultimate on-the-job training.

The following resources offer support to caregivers:

• For basic family caregiving of an elder, see How to Care for Aging Parents: A One-Stop Resource for All Your Medical, Financial, Housing, and Emotional Issues by Virginia Morris (

• Caregiving requires preparation; for information about advance directives, including living wills and power of attorney documents, you can recommend Five Wishes ( Five Wishes, fully accepted in 42 states and the District of Columbia, helps walk patients and families through the key issues involved in aging as well as approaching the end of life. In states that do not accept Five Wishes, it is still a valuable tool for discussion and decision-making.

• Local hospitals typically have materials for patients and families to review.


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