FF Srv: speech pathology (Indicates how speech pathology services are provided): PROVIDED UNDER ARRANGEMENT Swing bed indicator (Indicates if a hospital provides swing bed services – Beds can be used for either hospital or long term care services): No Type of facility (Indicates the category which represents the type of facility): SHORT – TERM Srv: respiratory care (Indicates how respiratory care services are provided): PROVIDED UNDER ARRANGEMENT Medical social workers (Number of full-time equivalent medical social workers employed by a hospital or hospice): 1 Compliance: plan of correction (Indicates if a provider is in compliance with program requirements based on an acceptable plan for correction of deficiencies): COMPLIANCE BASED ON ACCEPTABLE POC Compliance: status (Indicates if a provider or supplier is in compliance with program requirements): IN COMPLIANCE Current survey date (The date of the health or life safety code survey

whichever is later. the \””official\”” survey date for the provider

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