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As a “Baby Boomer” and the Creator of Aging Information, I along with my siblings faced a life changing decision, on how to care for our aging mother. She is 86 years old and suffered two recent falls and operations. I would like to share my experience with you.

Since I live in another part of the country, I had to make the decision to visit the family and to be face to face with mom, who, requested that I come to see her. I had to visit her before she finalized her decision, which was so comforting to her. Mind you, she had two previous operations and had to have another operation for a total hip replacement; I won’t go into details how much strain it placed on the family; from the two previous operations, the time we had to take off from work, share schedules and phone calls to obtain proper care for mom. We all scrambled around to find a “competent doctor” and a qualified in home services agency to care for our mom. I must admit, there is not a lot of information centrally located where we could find professional services, specialty hospitals, or products to assist us in the care of our mother.

We, who are all in this together or similar in scope with no exception, either are making or assisting our aging parents with their decisions. These decisions can range from the sale of the family home, estate planning, long term care, financial, pre or postoperative care, you name it.

Recently while standing in line to pay for my meal, I overheard, a concerned caregiver expressing to her friend the same sentiments about what to do once her mother received her hip operation and where she would go for supported services. This dilemma is wide spread with no exception for us Baby Boomers, with commitments to our family and jobs. It’s hard trying to reschedule our lives to fit into the schedule of our aging parent who need us so and will lean heavily on us for support.

Trying to locate information, whether computer generated or printed material is scattered and unorganized.

Well as for our mother, we are praying for her full recovery and with a concerted effort on all of our parts we will have supported service in place to help with her full recovery.

We encourage those who have similar experiences please let us know how it’s going and maybe we too can assist in some way and post your story.

Warm regards,

Larry Parker, CEO.


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