• Choose a Plan
  • Organization name listing
  • Address listing
  • Phone number listing
  • Place in 1 category
  • Hours of operation listing
  • Contact email listing
  • Website URL listing
  • 250 character space to fully describe your organization
  • Links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Keyword tagging for your listing to help search
  • Upload 2 images to help brand your organization
  • Listing in two categories to boost visibility
  • Priority listing at the top of your category
  • Listing in one extra category for visibility (total of 3)
  • Add up to 5 total images to enhance your branding
  • Add video to tell your story or highlight a testimonial
  • Create special offers to attract attention to your listing

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About Aging Information Network

Aging Information Network (AIN) is a multi-dimensional website providing information resources through listing of providers to care givers who may or may not have time to assist in daily care or locate services for their elderly loved ones.